Why eating vegan and veganism will be bad for your health

Why eating vegan and veganism will be bad for your health. This is my take on eating vegan (not vegetarian!) if done with replacing needed macro-nutrients with grains, legumes, beans and worst: processed soy products, that are not fermented.

As I am against eating grains I also don’t recommend a vegan lifestyle with whole grains or processed grains at all, although it works for many people.
Perhaps combined with lots of chronic cardio, to kill the tons of carbs.. Or combined with lots of healthy fruits, to save your gut from the damaging gluten from wheat …

Also I want to quote one reader from my facebook page, Donovan:

“Originally I was convinced veganism was the true path to wellness and reversing disease. I don’t regret it, it was a learning experience that placed more emphasis on veggies which I wasn’t too good at eating anyways. I ate an impeccable vegan diet for over a year full of organic, high quality grains, soy, farty beans, fruits of all kinds, vegetables, and vegetable proteins. During this time I joined a gym and started lifting weights 5 days a week. Little did I know, all that soy protein and and high glycemic carbs were destroying my insides. At my annual check-up, I developed high blood pressure 140/90 (I was never above 120/80 before this), hypothyroidism with my TSH at 7.1, dyslipidemia (HDL-15, LDL 130, TRI 230), and a jiggly pot belly even though I was also gaining more muscle. Even my chest has a layer of fat under my new muscle. My blood sugar also cheeped up to 95. The doctor wanted me to go on statins, beta blockers, diuretics, and anti depressants. I said no and started taking fist fulls of health supplements (literally fist fulls, just ask my wife) to battle the blood pressure and cholesterol – they worked, but not that well. In the middle of all this, I got a hernia.

Five weeks ago I started eating 100% paleo as an experiment while also eliminating fruit except for one grapefruit in the morning. I’ve lost 13 pounds (183 to 170lbs) while retaining all the muscle I’ve built. In fact, my muscle has been GROWING while I’ve been loosing weight! This is typically unheard of in body building! I’ve had my blood tested and I’ve reversed all the above mentioned problems. My cholesterol is way down, HDL almost at 40, blood pressure an incredible 115/75 with the lowest reading at 99/69 last night! WOW! Essentially, all those “healthy vegan organic” foods created metabolic syndrome despite the added exercise. I’ll never touch another soy product ever again or any grain for that matter. Without the dairy, coffee just wasn’t the same so I gave that up too and switched to white tea (low in fluoride). I’m so impressed with this way of eating, I’m thinking of switching careers so I can help other people attain their ultimate fitness too. I want to share what I’ve got!


15 years ago my left big toenail died and never grew back except for some ugly looking flaky stuff. I believe it was from the trauma of an ingrown toenail removal at the doctor’s. Since I started the paleo diet 5 weeks ago, it has started to grow back in clear, strong, and thick. This is perhaps the most amazing thing that’s happened to my body yet!

So, what is there more to say?

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